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THRiiiVE is the brainchild and longterm project of Dana Gorman. Below please find a year by year chronicle of her activism since the 2003 launch of DefeatAutismYesterday! Dana has worked on many projects in collaboration with amazing activists all over.


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The THRiiiVE Summits have resulted in MANY, MANY, MANY points of consensus. Figuring out many healing tips and tricks and bringing them to you is what we do. Each photo has a link to the corresponding video. Still a works in progress library being built from 12 years of summits. Thank You for your patience.

Our Work product



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Please be patient as the section below becomes the library for the last 14 THRiiiVE Summits.
Always too busy cutting the edge and working to find and come to consensus on solutions, collating this astoundingly lengthy library of resources is a daunting task...but finally being tackled.
Stay Tuned...apologies for items not yet available...coming soon.

12 years of...

THRiiiVE Summits 1-14

In 2019 California passed the worst legislation to date mandating the Doctor Patient relationship be sacrificed.  

California Health Coalition stepped up to provide leadership. From this dedication came the opportunity to contract with a top lobbyist,  Bill Duplissea, dedicated to turning this run-away train around. Rest In Peace Bill.

2019:   California Health Coalition

2017: THRiiiVE Summit #14
CaliSummit #3

2016: Social Media 101 & 
Autism Summit Presentation

2015: AutismOne  

NHFC Coalition Strategy Presentation was a collaboration between and 

bringing the cutting edge to the parents!

& THRiiiVE Summit #12


2013: THRiiiVE Summit #11

Klinghardt To Do: EMF &Bugs  

2012: Ron PaulLAHQ Management 


2011: THRiiiVE Summits #8 & #9

2010: THRiiiVE at LIA Conference, Summits #6 & #7 

2008: THRiiiVE Summits #2 & #3
Autism One Presentation


& THRiiiVE Summit #1


& Dr Klinghardt on Autism (2004)

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